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WHO's Holding Your Ladder

Updated: Nov 8, 2022


In this life we will trial and tribulation. However, we need not worry about that so much. The reason or reason why is that if you are a part of the body there is a structure wherein the chief corner stone established for the proper construct of our home’s families and community.

What has caused such dissection in our world today?

If we had look back at Christ and His example, what will it tell us I regard to becoming what He displayed. His entire life reflected the process of being human, becoming a disciple and making disciples out of us all. Would you not agree with that? Then what happened?

I remind us as to what happened. The love of many have waxed cold. Therefore, causing a massive consciousness of self-gratification. We constantly make unconscious subjective comparisons to others, which causes us to feel poor. Second, we face an evolutionary mismatch between our evolved carnal craving for status and things. Don’t believe me look into the scripture about refraining from thing in this world. Colossian 3rd chapter.

Our modern environment of hyper-inequality, which is analogous to the conflict between our evolved craving for abundance of things, our thinking and behavior; high inequality within the body where we esteem other over other members of the body lead us to become more selfish, stressed, carnal in our decisions, which lead less healthy lives, making us less likely to love each other. and overall leave us less governed by the spirit of God. In turn, these negative outcomes lead to further inequality, creating a vicious cycle.

The book of James asks the question, “From whence come wars and fighting’s among you?” Since the days of Cain and Able the reply has never changed— “Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

How can we get back?

Well, that depends on your state of mind. You can’t accidental get there it takes time and a state of maturity

Let’s take a look at who was holding Gideon hand. You really have to pay attention to the details of Gods plan and not the wisdom of the world.

The Servant

Wait a minute, before I tell you. Didn’t Christ come as a servant? Didi Christ say the He that is greatest amongst you should be your servant? PURAH

Do you have a “Friend” in your life? For the sake of this article, a “Friend” is the one person who is always loyal to you, who shows up just when you need him, and always wants the best for you.

Didn’t Christ say, “I No longer call you servant but Friend” ?

As I was reading Judges 7:10, I ran across a man named Purah. He is mentioned only one time in the entire Bible, so most people would think of him as an insignificant person.

I decided to read more about this man. You may not know of him, and he may seem insignificant, however he was significant — significant to Gideon, and significant to obtaining God’s desired outcome.

The Midianites were oppressing Israel while Israel was doing what was evil in the sight of the LORD. An angel of the LORD came to Gideon and told him that the LORD was with him. Then, after Gideon asked why all these bad things have happened to the Israelites, the LORD said, “Go in this might of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian; do not I send you?”

God called Gideon into the ministry of saving Israel. Gideon destroyed the altar of Baal, then he asked for signs from God to be sure of his calling.

Before we go further what has God called you to do?

When God reduced Gideon’s army of 22,000 men to only 300, the LORD said to Gideon, “With the 300 men who lapped the water, I will save you and give the Midianites into your hand and let all the others go every man to his home.” That same night the LORD said to him, ‘Arise, go down against the camp, for I have given it into your hand. But if you are afraid to go down, go down to the camp with Purah your servant.” Gideon went down with Purah and defeated the Midianites. [Judges 7]

Do you have one person who is always loyal to you, who shows up just when you need them, and always want the best for you? If you don’t, why don’t you?

Have you ever been in a tough situation? Have you ever been fearful? Has God ever put that one special person in your path just to help you? This is what happened with Gideon.

Not only was Gideon called to do a work for the LORD, Purah was also called to be instrumental in getting God’s work done by being an encourager to Gideon. Both men were essential to the task at hand.

God knew Gideon was encountering fear. How would you feel if you had only 300 men to defeat an entire army? However, God loved Gideon and provided him with a strong wonderful man called Purah to offer encouragement, comfort, and protection. Purah was there for Gideon.

ministering/working/volunteering many times, those ministering/working/volunteering for the LORD become discouraged, fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH. for the LORD become discouraged, fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH. for the LORD become discouraged, fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH. become discouraged, fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH., fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH. fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH. ministering/working/volunteering for the LORD become discouraged, fearful, depressed, weak, and needy; when these times occur, they need a PURAH.

Are you available and in the right spiritual mindset to be used in that capacity? Maybe you are the PURAH someone else needs. Maybe you are the one called to work alongside someone going through a difficult or challenging situation.

Or maybe you need a PURAH today. God has called you to do an insurmountable task — one that seems too overwhelming to tackle on your own. Keep your eyes open for God to provide the encouragement to pursue it. God may provide help through a person who will comfort and encourage you to be all God wants you to be.

I have a friend, similar to Purah, My wife. Do you have those who are there only during major crossroads in your life? It's not over yet!

The scripture furthers says.

Proverbs 18:24

A man [that hath] friends must show himself friendly

Friendship ought to be mutual and reciprocal, as between David and Jonathan; a man that receives friendship ought to return it, or otherwise he is guilty of great ingratitude. This may be spiritually applied; a believer is "a man of friends" , as it may be rendered; he has many friends:

God is his friend, as appears by his early love to him, his choice of him, and provisions of grace for him; by sending his son to save him; by visiting him, not only in a way of providence, but of grace; by disclosing his secrets, showing his covenant to him, and by making him his heir, and a joint heir with Christ. Christ is his friend, as is evident from his visiting him at his incarnation; and in a spiritual way, by the communication of his secrets to him; by his hearty counsel and faithful reproofs; by his undertaking and doing for him what he has; and especially by suffering and dying in his room and stead.

The Holy Spirit is his friend, which he has shown by discovering to him his woeful estate by nature, and the way of salvation by Christ; by working all his works in him; by acting the part of a Comforter to him; by revealing divine things to him, by helping him under all his infirmities; by making intercession for him according to the will of God; and by making him meet for eternal glory and happiness: angels are his friends, as is plain by their well pleasedness with the incarnation of Christ for men; and which they express at their conversion; by their ministering to them, their protection of them, and the good offices they do them both in life and at death; and saints are friends to one another: and such should show themselves friendly to God, their covenant God and Father; by frequently visiting him at the throne of grace; by trusting in him; by a carefulness not to offend, but please him; and by a close and faithful adherence to his cause and interest: to Jesus Christ their Redeemer, by a ready obedience to his commands; by owning and using him as their friend; by taking notice of his friends, and showing them respect, his ministers and poor saints; by cleaving to him, and renouncing the friendship of his enemies: and likewise to the Holy Spirit, by not grieving, quenching, and despising him; but by making use of him, and giving up themselves to his influence and direction; and by acknowledging him as the author of all their grace: also to angels, by speaking well of them, owning their good offices, and reckoning it an honor that they are come and joined to such a company; and to the saints, by Christian conversation with them, by sympathizing with them in all conditions, by hearty counsel, faithful reproofs and admonitions, and by helping them in every distress, inward and outward; and there is a friend [that] sticketh closer than a brother; who is to a man as his own soul, (Deuteronomy 13:6) ; and so are of one heart and soul, as Jonathan and David, and the first Christians, were; this is true of Christ, and may be expressive of the close union between him and his people; and of his close adherence to their cause and interest; and of his constancy and continuance as a friend at all times; and of his faithfulness and unchangeableness as such; see ( Proverbs 17:17 ) . The Heathens had a deity which presided over friendship, which they called Jupiter Philios: the character best agrees with the true God, who is a friend to men himself, and loves friendship among them.

A FRIEND bears one another’s burdens. The LORD knew Gideon needed strength to fulfill God’s calling in his life. And God provided it through a friend… Purah. But, why Purah?

The Wisdom of a friend

1. Purah was more experienced, older in age and more mature than Gideon;

2. Purah was loyal to Gideon; and

3. Purah took pleasure in seeing Gideon get credit for what Purah had done.

When we find a friend like that, we have found a treasure!

How to be a FRIEND

· Keep yourself in God’s Word.

· Pray for opportunities to be used by your Heavenly Father.

· Ask God to let you recognize the signs to fulfill His will.

· Be a loyal friend, family member, church member, and employee.

· Be a confidant.

· Be humble.

· Don’t harbor jealousy.

· Be available.

· Be grateful.

· Think of others before yourself.

· Learn to be a part of the solution and EVOL (LOVE)

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